Happy Tradesmen & Handymen

SMILE - Consider it done!

The BIG Picture    

OUR VISION: A convergence of diverse tradesmen, who share the same values, under a single umbrella brand “Happy Tradesmen”. In an industry that is rich in promises and poor in delivering, our aim is simple - to make our customers “Happy” through excellent service, workmanship, attitude & great value.

WHY? We understand the VALUE of a Professional Brand/Image. Let’s face it, you’re a tradesman and need to be working/making money, not spending your time trying to market & advertise yourself. OUR SECRET is that we’re closely affiliated with a specialist Advertising & Marketing Agency who guides us every step of the way and who provides:

   Website advertising: Website management & search engine optimisation

   Adverts & Special offers

   Social media advertising

   Branded work wear & vehicle signage

   Promotional material

   Email marketing material

   And more…


Don’t Franchise – BRANDCHISE (TM - Trademark)

The name/word “Brandchise” is Trademarked and the business model is © Copyrighted to Dietmar Pahl, 2016. All rights reserved.

Brandchising is the answer! It is not a business itself, but a way of doing business.

 DEFINITION - Brandchising

Brandchising is an uncomplicated and innovative business model primarily aimed at service-orientated micro to small enterprises that do not operate from retail stores or outlets. A business relationship in which the brandchisor (the owner of the trademarks & business) assigns to independent people (the brandchisees) the right, through license agreements, to trade under the registered brand/business offering the brandchise’s specific services according to a clearly defined set of values & standards for a fixed period of time.

Generally brandchisees would already have experience in the specific service area of the brandchise on offer. The Brandchisor provides assistance in additional training, marketing, advertising and management/organizing to a lesser degree. In return the brandchisor receives financial consideration/s. The business model affords both parties an uncomplicated, innovative, minimal capital investment method to expand or start a business where generally the brandchisee retains more operational independence.

How does Brandchising differ from Franchising:

  • Minimal capital investment needed to start your business
  • Starter packages are available to give you a kick start
  • Uncomplicated business model
  • Opportunity to start a business in a field where you have existing skills
  • Benefits of joining an existing brandchise business (Happy Handyman/Tradesmen):
    - Strong brand recognition & reputation
    - Has a proven business model
    Has effective marketing & advertising campaigns
    Tried and tested systems
    - Network of knowledge, skills, suppliers etc.
  • No long retail shop rental leases
  • More operational independence than a franchise

We’re Going Places, and are seeking Happy Tradesmen in new regions!

If you're a skilled handyman or qualified tradesman and require more information about joining our “Happy” Brandchise please contact: dietmar@happyhandyman.co.za

The name/word “Brandchise” is Trademarked and the business model is © Copyrighted to Dietmar Pahl, 2016. All rights reserved.